USMSC ROSTER 2015-2016

USMSC Representatives' emails are linked to their names on the USMSC website.

Executive Board

Gayon M. Sampson


Daniel J. Miller

Vice President for Graduate Affairs

Adrian Boafo

Vice President for Undergraduate Affairs


Kyle Bamberger

Deputy Director, Finance and Management

Samantha Figueroa

Director, Student Affairs

Aiden Galloway

Director, Governmental Affairs

Jasmine Gibson

Deputy Director, Communications and Marketing

Benjamin Mendelsohn

Director, Finance and Management

Mark O’Halloran

Deputy Director, Governmental Affairs

Yvette Pappoe

Director, Diversity and Inclusion

Brandon K. Wharton

Director, Communications and Marketing

Maia Williams

Deputy Director, Diversity and Inclusion

Council Members

Richard Lewis

Bowie State University

William Nathan

Bowie State University

Roderick Johnsons

Coppin State University

Carrianne Cicero

Salisbury University

Tyler Gibson

Salisbury University

Kurt Anderson

Towson University

Kelly Rogan

Towson University

Geoffrey Heinzl

University of Maryland, Baltimore

Spencer Pond

University of Maryland, Baltimore

Jonathon Graf

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Anthony Janoski

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Deborah Hemingway

University of Maryland, College Park

Patrick Ronk

University of Maryland, College Park

Leslie Holt

University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Matt Williams

University of Maryland University College

Jeanette Davis

University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

Ken Brewer

Universities at Shady Grove

Nicole Hopkins

University System of Maryland at Hagerstown


Dr. Joann Boughman

Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Ms. Tracey Jamison

Director of Articulation and Enrollment Services

Dr. Zakiya Lee

Assistant to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

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